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Did you know independent life insurance brokers do not work for insurances companies? They work for you! In addition ….

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Insurance Brokerage
Did you know independent life insurance brokers do not work for insurances companies? They work for you! In addition, you are protected since the underwriting of mortgage products in Quebec is regulated in order to protect the public.
Before advising anyone regarding life, critical illness and disability insurance, the life insurance brokers, that we now call financial security advisors, must successfully complete training and obtain a valid license prepared and delivered by the AMF, or The Autorité des Marchés Financiers.
Register of advisers:
The Code of Conduct
The Financial Questionnaire
To offer you solutions adapted to your needs, the financial security advisor must have a good knowledge of your financial situation to be able to make you a recommendation. The advisor will have to document your financial information such as:
• Your household budget
• Details regarding your personal report
• Your personal goals
• Your company’s information (if applicable)
The Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
With your information in hand, the advisor will prepare a report called the Financial Needs Analysis. This analysis will offer you a clear report of the financial consequences of an unfortunate situation as well as the solutions to protect yourself from these risks.

A Periodic Review of Your Situation
Simply because life changes and your situation will also evolve, a periodic review is essential. Changes are minor from one year to another and may not require any adjustments. However, with certain life events, it would be wise to proceed to a review of your affairs.
Life event’s list:
• Home ownership
• Termination of employment
• Death of a loved one
• A child leaving the family unit
• Divorce
• Disability
• Parenthood
• Marriage
• Retirement
• Sale or transfer of a family business

You Are in Good Hands
The financial security advisor has the knowledge to guide you through all your financial decisions. He has access to continuous training offered by the AMF and has to undergo mandatory training upon the organization’s request. Therefore, you are assured he possesses all the necessary abilities to offer you an outstanding service

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